About our catch wrestling classes

Graham is a hugely experienced coach, having studied, successfully competed in (W322-L24-D2) and coached both Olympic (Greco-Roman and Freestyle) and Lancashire Catch styles for over 40 years.

  • Greco Roman – allowing attacks above the waist only
  • Freestyle – allowing upper and lower body attacks
  • Catch – Allowing upper and lower body attacks plus all submissions (Leg locks, Neck Cranks, Slicers to name a few of the nastier ones!)

With an analytical mind and an eye for detail Graham will ensure your technique is matched by your understanding of the underpinning principles to enable you to adapt and evolve your take-down, control and submission game.

Physical fitness is key, with wrestlers universally acknowledged as some of the fittest and toughest athletes on the planet. Graham firmly believes conditioning is king, and wrestling specific conditioning drills will form an important part of lessons.

Finally wrestling (and for that matter any sport) should be fun…

  • So will it be hard work – yes!
  • Will it get me fit – yes!
  • Will my wrestling and MMA game improve – yes!
  • Will I have fun doing it – Absolutely!

Look forward to working with you…

Graham Yates
Graham YatesCatch Wrestling Coach